EzCad2 Correction File: 9-Point Calibration Manual

1. Find the calibration software Open the EzCad2 file directory and double-click “Corfile2” to enter the 9-point calibration software. 2. Set the calibration parameters Click “F1 设置激光器参数” to set the laser type and marking parameters (normally, the marking parameters are default). In general, the fiber laser type is IPG, SPI, and is checked separately. Click… Continue reading EzCad2 Correction File: 9-Point Calibration Manual

Why does the ezcad suddenly crash?

1. The computer configuration is low; 2. The laser mark control board is disconnected; 3. Caused by the computer’s anti-virus software; 4. Ezcad installation problems. These reasons may cause the Ezcad software to crash.

Why can’t Ezcad open AI files?

If the AI file version is too high or the file is damaged, it will not be able to open. How to import an AI format file into EzCad2?

How to limit the marking speed in EZCAD software?

EZCAD2 version: “Param(F3)” – “Other“, adjust the “Max speed” and “Min speed“. EZCAD3 version: “Param(F3)” – “Field“, adjust the “Max Speed” and “Min Speed“. Related: How to improve the marking speed of laser marking machine?