EZCAD2 control marking, twice mark every time, how to adjust it?

EZCAD2 controls marking to automatically mark twice each time, once in the vertical direction and once in the horizontal direction. If I want to change it to only mark once, how to adjust it? In the F3 Configuration Parameters – Other, there is an Enable marking start signal lock, cancel the previous √.

EzCad2: File’s format is error, maybe damaged!

If it is a prompt from the EzCad2 software program, it may be that the software was damaged during the copying process. If this prompt appears when opening a previously saved ezd file, it may be that the file was not saved successfully before, causing the reading to fail.

Will a high level signal be output after marking is completed?

If marking is not done through the foot switch, will the foot pedal still output a high level signal after the marking is completed? After the marking end output port is successfully set, a signal will be output every time the marking is completed.

EzCad2 Correction File: 9-Point Calibration Manual

1. Find the calibration software Open the EzCad2 file directory and double-click “Corfile2” to enter the 9-point calibration software. 2. Set the calibration parameters Click “F1 设置激光器参数” to set the laser type and marking parameters (normally, the marking parameters are default). In general, the fiber laser type is IPG, SPI, and is checked separately. Click… Continue reading EzCad2 Correction File: 9-Point Calibration Manual