Ezcad3 is always stuck?

If after importing graphics, the filling density is relatively small and there are many filling lines, it is indeed easy to get stuck. (Hatch) If it is stuck when processing graphics, it is best to check whether the computer’s running memory has enough 4G. It is recommended to close other programs in the background first.… Continue reading Ezcad3 is always stuck?

How to limit the marking speed in EZCAD software?

EZCAD2 version: “Param(F3)” – “Other“, adjust the “Max speed” and “Min speed“. EZCAD3 version: “Param(F3)” – “Field“, adjust the “Max Speed” and “Min Speed“. Related: How to improve the marking speed of laser marking machine?

Ezcad3 High-power Laser Application

Ezcad3 supports QCW lasers, real-time display of laser status, and adjustment of current, pulse frequency, duty cycle, and other parameters that can be realized by software according to different laser parameters. It supports high-power lasers to meet the needs of high-quality laser cutting and welding. Application Industries Consumer electronics, ceramic punching, lithium batteries, medical equipment,… Continue reading Ezcad3 High-power Laser Application

Ezcad3 Dynamic Focus Application

Large-format flying laser marking adopts the front focus mode, widely used in high-precision and automatic marking fields. It is suitable for occasions such as large workloads, difficult positioning of material, diverse and complex workpieces. Application Industries Clothing and textile industry, elevator panels, mirror processing, leather fabrics, metal nameplates, stickers, heat transfer film, lettering film, bamboo slips, bathroom… Continue reading Ezcad3 Dynamic Focus Application

Ezcad3 3D Application: 3D Surface Processing

3D surface marking supports 3D file formats such as DXF, STL. It automatically adjusts the laser focus for three-dimensional curved surface objects, without multiple assembly and focusing, without distortion, with a larger marking range and finer light effects. Application industries Electronic components, electrical appliances, auto and motorcycle accessories, precision hardware, gifts and ornaments, medical equipment,… Continue reading Ezcad3 3D Application: 3D Surface Processing

Edit Menu: Add layer / Delete layer

‘add layer‘ adding multiple layers for the software, can edit and process the content and process in the new layer.Each layer can be controlled by double click of theleftmousebutton to change the IOport. Double click ‘Layer1’. Then can set IO in layer1 as fig. ‘deletlayer‘ for delet currentlayer.