Will a high level signal be output after marking is completed?

If marking is not done through the foot switch, will the foot pedal still output a high level signal after the marking is completed? After the marking end output port is successfully set, a signal will be output every time the marking is completed.

If I step on the foot switch once and the laser marks twice?

There are three situations: 1.Check the pulse width setting and whether to turn off the “Enable marking start signal lock“. 2.There will be continuous marking problems on individual pedals, so the filter signal in the port needs to be increased. 3.Check whether the foot pedal is damaged, resulting in excessive connections.

The foot switch of laser marking machine does not work?

There may be three reasons for this problem, please eliminate them one by one in order. 1. Poor contact of the foot switch of the laser marking machine Solution: Re-plug and tighten the plug. 2. The software port of the laser marking machine is set incorrectly The method of setting the port: Key “F3” Parameters – “Port” – “Start Marking IO” to change… Continue reading The foot switch of laser marking machine does not work?