How to Use the Function of Lens Correction?

“Lens Correction” function is used to fix the distortion resulted from Lens characteristics or optical problems. If the lens correction has been completed, but the mark result still hassome problems such asunfocused or ratio inaccuracy, usersneed to adjust these parameters from the “Work Area” page under “Property Table.” Lens Manager Enter “Lens Manger” form 「File」→「Option」→… Continue reading How to Use the Function of Lens Correction?

How to Select or Change the Driver of Laser Marking Card in MarkingMate?

Based on the different marking controller usage, user must select a correct driver. Users need to select the driver when installing MarkingMate. Besides, they can also change the driver by executing Driver Manager through the following path: Start – Programs – MarkingMate System – Utility – Drv Manager