Modify Menu: Align

Command “Align” will be available only when more than one object is selected in the workspace. “Align” is used to align the objects users select on the two-dimensional plane. There are several ways to align: Left: All objects align left. Right: All objects align right. Vertical: All objects align vertical. These three ways above only… Continue reading Modify Menu: Align

Modify Menu: Curve Editing

Auto Connect: When selected, a dialog box will appear. Auto Connect Error: If the distance between two curves’ starting and ending points is less than the parameter set, the two curves will be joined into one. Break cross point: When the user clicks curve editing->break cross point, the following dialog window will pop up as… Continue reading Modify Menu: Curve Editing

Modify Menu: Distribution

Distribution is to several objects distribute in the workplace as considering regular. Eg: there are 6 rectangles in the workplace, when click distribute, follow dialog window will pop-up: left: Distribute left and right based on the left line. center: Distribute left and right based on the middle line. space: Distribute left and right based on… Continue reading Modify Menu: Distribution

Modify Menu: Plastic

When selected, a parameter setting box will appear. : Joint two close intersect areas into one. : Shear a close intersect area contained in another. : pick up the intersect part of two close intersect areas.

Modify Menu: Array

Click “Array”, we can see the figure. Rectangle: The graph according to rectangle array Circle: The graph according to circle array. : Set array’s row as marking precedence. : Bidirectional array. Array num: The row number. Array num: The column number. Array: The space between two objects on X direction. Array: The space between two… Continue reading Modify Menu: Array