System Parameter: User manager

Uses in choosing whether to use the current software must to input the user password. When enable “You must enter and password before using”, the system default has a administrator and a designer, the user can increase operator. The jurisdiction of administrator is to use software all functions. The jurisdiction of designer is to revise… Continue reading System Parameter: User manager

System Parameter: Move rotate

Nudge Distance: the distance that the object moved when pressing direction keys each time. Big Nudge Scale: indicates the number the user wants to time the Nudge distance so as to achieve further each time when synchronously press direction keys and “shift” key together. Rotate Angle: the angle the object rotates each time when press… Continue reading System Parameter: Move rotate

System Parameter: WorkSpace

The set of the work space’s property contains setting the size, type and position at the work space. The Work Space is the rectangle or circle area in the main interface window. This space is corresponded with the available working field of the laser machine, and any object drawn in this area will be marked… Continue reading System Parameter: WorkSpace

System Parameter: General

In “General“, common parameters can be configured. Unit Type: millimeter and inch are two options can be selected. Paste X and Paste Y: the relative offsets to the previously object when paste. Grid: show or hide the grid. Grid distance: adjust the distance in grid. Input IO mask: user could choose IO port through input… Continue reading System Parameter: General