The red light of the laser marking machine is inconsistent with the actual marking range, how to adjust?

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During the marking process, it is found that the actual marking and the red light range are inconsistent, how to adjust?

1. Open the laser marking machine software Ezcad, and draw a rectangle in the working area, for example, a rectangle with a size of 60mm*40mm. Then mark on the demo workpiece.

rectangle size 60 40

2. Do not move the workpiece, turn on the red light, and find that the x and y axes are deviated. Turn off the red light and enter the marking parameter setting(F3).

3. In Other, click the Red light pointer, where you can adjust the speed and deviation of the red light. Just adjust the Offset Pos x and Offset Pos y.

red light offset

4. Return to the software interface after each adjustment to see if the red light overlaps with the adjusted line. If it overlaps, it proves that it has been adjusted. It can be adjusted several times according to the actual situation.

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