Why are the three red light points of the laser marking machine not together?

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What is the situation when the three red light points of the laser marking machine are not together? What are the three red light points? What is the function?

The first red light point is emitted from the lens for positioning. Its function is to display the outline and position we want to engrave, which is the same as the actual icon or image size ratio.

The other two red light points are emitted by the red light device outside the lens, which are used to help adjust the focal length of laser marking machine. Generally, after the focal length is adjusted, the two red light points overlap, and the screws of the two red light devices can be fixed.

When adjusting the focus, the red light points emitted by the red light device outside the lens need to coincide together. The first red light point from lens is not required to coincide with the other two.

In actual use, only the red light in the center of the lens has the greatest effect. The focal length adjustment method outside can actually look at the scale line on the laser marking machine, and the effect of using it is almost the same as the effect of the red light positioning outside.

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