Transformer Laser Marking Machine Application for Code Printing

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Transformer Laser Marking Machine Application

Transformers are the core small components of commonly used electrical products. With the increase of electrical products, the demand of transformers is gradually increasing. In the production of transformers, the last process before leaving the factory is to mark text, patterns, date codes, etc. on the product as a basis for traceability. It can not only display the product’s production date, product model performance, but also mark the LOGO, which plays a role in corporate publicity.

The traditional way of marking and engraving is ink printing and dyeing. With the development of laser technology, laser marking technology is applied to transformer marking by many transformer manufacturers. Because the transformer is small in size, it is difficult to manually place it, and the marking position is different. The CCD automatic recognition laser marking machine can automatically identify and locate the transformer, and the alignment is accurate and the marking is accurate.

This model is also equipped with an assembly line system, which is suitable for assembly line operations with fast speed and high efficiency. Laser marking has high precision, marking fonts and graphics are corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, not easy to wear, and high durability. Just import the marking information into the computer and import it through special software, and the laser marking machine can efficiently realize the marking of product information. The marking effect is clear and beautiful.


1. The assembly line configuration can meet the mass production of transformer marking.

2. CCD automatic recognition system replaces manual alignment, improves marking accuracy and reduces labor costs.

3. The laser marking speed is faster, the efficiency is higher, and the production cost is saved.

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