Types of Laser marking machines according to laser absorption of materials

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Laser marking machines can be divided into two series according to the characteristics of laser absorption of materials, one using solid-state lasers and the other using CO2 lasers.

Customers can choose different series of laser marking machines according to the characteristics of the materials.

The commonly used materials are classified in the following table.

Solid-state laser marking machineCO laser marking machine
Common Metals and AlloysAll metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zincPolyvinyl chloridePVCTubing, wire insulation, seals
Rare Metals and Alloysgold, silver, titanium, platinumABSABSElectrical appliances shell, daily necessities
Metal oxideVarious metal oxides are availableAcrylicPMMATransparent materials, instrument cases
Special surface treatmentPhosphating, aluminum anodizing, electroplating surfacePCPCTransparent products with high impact resistance requirements
CrystalCrystal inner engravingUnsaturated polyesterAKPaint, decorations, plates, buttons
ABS plasticABSElectrical appliances shell, daily necessitiesPolyurethanePUShoe soles, artificial leather, paint
InkTranslucent buttons, printed productsEpoxy ResinEPPackaging of electronic components, insulation layer
Epoxy ResinEPPackaging of electronic components, insulation layerGlassglass surface

Some materials can be suitable for both lasers. Some materials are complex and should not be classified. The above classification is for reference only.

For the above reasons, you can mail the products to us, and we will choose the right model for you through experiments.

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