Use CorelDraw to generate AI/PLT graphics and import them into EzCad

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Currently, AI format files that can be imported into Ezcad should be generated by these versions of CorelDraw software:

CorelDraw 3.x, CorelDraw 4.x, CorelDraw 5.x, CorelDraw6.0, CorelDraw 7.0, CorelDraw 8.0.

If the AI files generated by other versions of CorelDraw cannot be imported into Ezcad2, you can convert them to the above versions and then import them into Ezcad. The operation is as follows:

First, the prepared AI file, save as, select the AI format and click Save.

Then the function bar will pop up, select the corresponding compatibility. Select a supported version of the Ezcad software.

Finally, open the laser marking software EZCAD2, select “File” – “Input Vector File”, and then adjust the image size to mark.

3. Use CorelDraw software with Adobe Illustrator

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator software, the AI files generated can be converted using CorelDraw and then imported into Ezcad software. AI files that can be imported into CorelDraw, should be generated by these versions of Adobe Illustrator:

Illustrator 3, Illustrator 8, Illustrator 9, Illustrator 10, Illustrator C1, Illustrator C2.

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