Application of UV Laser Marking Machine for Glass

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laser marking on glass

Glass products are widely used in life due to their beauty, light transmittance and other characteristics, such as glass cups, glass doors, glass windows, etc. With the improvement of people’s aesthetic requirements, the processing technology of glass products has become more and more diversified and refined. For this, it is necessary to use a device for laser marking LOGO on glass surface – UV laser marking machine.

UV laser marking machine uses a uv laser to emit ultraviolet light and irradiating the surface of glass products to engrave a pattern and LOGO. Just import the pattern, LOGO, graphic, date, etc. that need to be marked into the computer, and control it through the special laser marking software, then laser marking machine can engrave patterns on the glass surface. The pattern is delicate and beautiful, and the touch feels good.

The UV laser marking machine has a fine spot and a small heat-affected area, which can avoid the damage of glass products and has a high yield. It is a high-quality choice for glass product marking.


1. The laser marking logo is permanently retained, resistant to corrosion and wear.

2. The marking patterns are precise and delicate, with high definition.

3. Easy to operate, just import the pattern to the device, you can quickly achieve marking.

4. High flexibility, the pattern can be changed and adjusted.

5. The equipment has a long service life, and the laser is fast and efficient.

6.Wide range of applications, such as arts and crafts, advertising, decoration, electronics, cosmetics industries.

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