Application of Laser Marking on Glass

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glass laser engraving

Laser marking on glass can maximize individuality and achieve high-precision glass marking. Linxuan provides custom solutions for glass laser marking. We manufacture industrial glass laser marking machines with long-term after-sales service.

Traditional glass processing often uses methods such as etching or sandblasting, which have some limitations, such as complicated operation, difficult control, and high cost.

The emergence of laser engraving technology has brought revolutionary changes to glass processing. Through the high energy density and precise controllability of laser beam focusing, laser marking machines can achieve high-quality, highly readable marks on glass surfaces, which are widely used in various industries.

The marking results of UV laser marking machines for glass usually have high fineness and resolution, and the details are excellent.

Advantages of Laser Marking on Glass

High-quality Mark

Laser marking machines can achieve permanent, high-contrast, and clearly visible marks on glass surfaces without damaging the glass substrate.

High Precision and Detail

The small diameter of the laser beam allows for very fine markings and patterns, suitable for applications requiring high precision and fine detail.

Non-contact Processing

Glass laser engraving is a non-contact processing method, which eliminates the risk of damage and deformation of the glass surface due to physical contact.

High Efficiency and Flexibility

Glass laser engraving machine can carry out high-speed continuous marking and is suitable for mass production. At the same time, its programmability and flexibility make switching marking content or patterns quick and easy.

Industries of Application

Hotel and Catering

Mark brand logos, company names, barcodes, etc. on glasses and wine bottles.


Mark product information, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc. on cosmetic bottles and perfume bottles.


Mark the vehicle logo, model, production date, etc. on the automotive glass.

Construction and Decoration

Mark patterns, text, and other decorative elements on glass windows and door panels.

Laser Marking Glass Ideas

Laser Engraving Inside Glass

Laser engraving inside glass technology is currently the most advanced and popular method of engraving inside glass internationally. It is mainly used to engrave three-dimensional images inside the glass body, such as flowers, birds, fish, people, beautiful scenery of nature, and other various animals, and plants.

laser engraving inside glass crystal

The laser glass engraving process produces unique images, different artistic styles, delicate carvings, and exquisite and gorgeous graphics, which can meet people’s increasing aesthetic pursuits.

The laser engraving inside glass process is a technological change in the glass deep processing industry. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, and a high degree of automation. It can realize digital standardized art glass production, improve production efficiency and enhance product qualification rate.

  1. Energy saving. The laser used for engraving inside glass is generally 2 to 5 watts, that is, the power consumed by the laser for a thousand hours is only 2 to 5 degrees(in China), and some mechanical transmission parts for one hour is only one degree. Compared with the traditional sandblasting engraving, technology screen printing process to more than ten or thirty to forty kilowatts of electricity, it is really a world of difference.
  2. Environmental protection. The laser beam engraving inside the glass body, will not produce dust, or volatile substances, and will not cause a large amount of emissions. No consumables are required, and there is almost no pollution to the external environment. The working environment of workers has also been greatly improved.
  3. High degree of automation. After the glass material is placed, the computer controls the entire engraving process, which fully realizes automatic processing. Compared with traditional sandblasting engraving, the labor intensity and noise are reduced. The laser engraving inside glass realizes standardization, digitization, and networking. The performance is greatly improved so that the overall cost is greatly reduced.

Laser engraving inside glass has a wide range of applications, including nightclubs, KTVs, bars, private clubs, etc., and even a wider range.

Glass Laser Marking Machines for Sale

UV laser marking machines use UV lasers with wavelengths typically between 355nm and 400nm. The marking results of UV laser marking on glass usually have excellent details. It is suitable for marking that requires high precision, delicate patterns, and text.

Integrated 5W/10W UV Laser Marking Machine

Small Laser Marking Machine for Glass

10W 20W 3D UV Laser Marking Machine

3D Glass Engraving Machine

Other factors should also be considered when choosing, such as budget, production efficiency, ease of use of equipment, etc. It is recommended to contact the laser engraving machine supplier before purchasing to learn more about the technical specifications and actual application effects of various models, so as to find the glass laser engraving machine that best suits your needs.


When operating a laser marking machine for glass, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Safety Protection

Make sure you and surrounding workers are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, such as protective glasses and gloves, to prevent damage to eyes and skin caused by laser radiation or flying glass fragments.

Select Appropriate Parameters

Select appropriate parameter settings such as power, speed, and frequency according to the characteristics of the laser equipment used and the glass material. Different types of glass may require different parameters to achieve the desired effect.

Implement Testing and Sample Verification

Before large-scale series production, conducting small-scale testing and sample verification is recommended. This helps determine the best parameter settings for laser marking on glass and ensures that the desired marking results are as expected.

Clean and Prepare the Glass Surface

Before marking, make sure the glass surface is clean and free of dust and any grease or dirt. This can be done by using the appropriate detergent and cleaning cloth. In addition, some special glass materials may require pre-treatment, such as applying a coating suitable for laser marking.

Control the Marking Area and Position

Use appropriate fixtures or positioning systems to ensure the glass remains stable and accurately positioned during the laser marking process. This helps avoid errors and poor marking results.

Monitor and Maintain Equipment

Regularly inspect and maintain glass laser marking machines, including optical systems, cooling systems, and transmission components. Ensure that the equipment is in normal working order and is operated and maintained correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating manual.

Environmental Safety

Ensure the operating environment is well-ventilated and comply with relevant safety regulations, laws, and regulations.

The above are some of the main things you need to pay attention to when operating a laser marking machine for glass marking. Please note that before performing any laser operation, be sure to carefully read and follow the operating instructions and safety requirements provided by the laser marking machine manufacturer.

FAQ of Laser Marking on Glass

What effects can laser marking produce on glass surfaces?

Laser marking can produce different effects on the glass surface, including scratches, patterns, and text. The specific effect depends on the laser machine used and parameter settings.

Does laser marking damage glass?

Laser marking can leave tiny nicks or discolorations on the glass surface, but usually does not cause serious damage. However, excessive power or incorrect operation may damage the glass surface or cause cracks.

Which type of glass is suitable for laser marking?

Most types of glass can be laser marked, including ordinary glass, tempered glass, mirror glass, etc. However, some special types of glass, such as thin glass or low melting point glass, may not be suitable for laser marking.

How many colors can be achieved on glass with laser marking?

Laser marking usually produces white, gray or light gray marks on the glass surface. This is due to the laser creating tiny textures, or notches, in the glass that scatter light to reveal these colors.

Does laser marking on glass require the use of special equipment?

Yes, laser marking requires the use of a dedicated laser marking machine. These machines have the appropriate power and parameter settings to ensure the desired effect on the glass surface is produced and are safe to operate.

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