UV Laser Marking Machine for Glucose Test Strip Conductive Film Cutting (Marking)

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glucose test strip marking

The number of people with hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia is increasing year by year, which has led to an increase in the demand for blood glucose test strips. The blood glucose test strip is used in conjunction with the blood glucose detector and is coated with biological enzymes. It can detect the presence of a certain glucose in the terminal blood through its color change. It is an important means for us to monitor blood glucose. In the production process of blood glucose test strips, a marking and cutting equipment – UV laser marking machine is used.

Blood glucose test strip is mainly composed of a conductive gold film coated on the surface of the PE film. In order to scribe and cut on the surface of such composite materials, it is necessary to ensure that the electrical conductivity is normal, so the requirements for cutting are relatively high. Compared with the traditional red light marking machine, the UV laser marking machine has a more delicate light spot and more precise control of the energy. It can mark the surface of the composite film without damaging the conductivity, and the effect is perfect.

Moreover, the UV laser marking machine has high cutting efficiency and is suitable for the mass production of blood glucose test strips. It can cooperate with the production line to realize an integrated production process.

UV laser marking machine can not only be used for the cutting of gold conductive film, but also can be used to cut the test strips into individual small ones in the later process, and mark and engrave on the surface of the test strip packaging box. UV laser marking machine is widely used in the medical industry.

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