UV Laser Marking Machine Has High Anti-counterfeiting

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Fake and shoddy products have always been a problem for regular enterprises. It not only greatly reduces the direct economic benefits of the counterfeited enterprises, but also endangers the vital interests of consumers. With the development of science and technology, the cleverness and extensiveness of counterfeiting technology have put forward higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology. In this case, more and more anti-counterfeiting technology has been applied to production. UV laser marking machine also plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting work.

The material processed by the UV laser marking machine has the functions of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, which changes the anti-counterfeiting method in the previous production process and achieves the overall anti-counterfeiting effect. The entire production line is laser marking processed, plus the manufacturer’s name, trademark, etc., which is a large-scale subject for traceability and anti-counterfeiting, and counterfeiters have no way to start. And the appearance of packaging with the imprints and printed patterns by laser marking machine, is bright.

For packaging, Laser marking is mostly used to print the production date and product batch number. UV laser marking machine is also a better container anti-counterfeiting technology. After the product is sealed and capped, laser printing is performed on the seam between the lid and the container, so that the upper half of the font is printed on the lid and the lower half is printed on the container. The anti-counterfeiting effect of this technology is that the packaging container cannot be reused. The new lids fit the old containers, making it difficult to align the writing. Lasers marking machines are expensive and the codes are typed in the production line. Generally, it is difficult for counterfeiters to invest a lot of money to buy these equipment. Manufacturers can change the printing template at will, and use different templates for different dates. Only a few people know the details of the replacement, and it is difficult for outsiders to decipher.

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