What Affects the Marking Quality of a Laser Marking Machine?

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1. The focusing performance of the laser beam. It is because the focal point of the laser beam is very small, so the energy is concentrated. Without good focusing performance, the ideal laser spot cannot be obtained, the laser with high energy density cannot be used, and laser marking cannot be achieved.

2. The focal length of laser marking machine will affect the marking quality. The determination of the focal length position contributes to the action of the laser on the workpiece. The laser light is emitted by the laser and reflected onto the workpiece via the lens system. Whether the focal length position is correct has a great influence on the processing quality, and affects whether the laser can correctly act on the workpiece to achieve the processing effect.

3. The speed of the laser beam. In the process of interaction between laser and matter, the moving speed of laser beam is a very important parameter, which affects the effect of laser and matter.

4. Cooling method of laser marking machine. The cooling system is the premise that the entire laser machine can mark stably and continuously. Heat not only affects the escape of the laser, but also affects the electrical system. The fiber laser marking machine reduces the internal temperature through the air cooling device, reduces the machine failure, improves the stability of the equipment, and has the characteristics of small size and fast heat dissipation.

5. The same laser marking machine, marking different substances, the fine lines are also different. If the laser energy used is different, the fine line marking effect will also be different.

6. The laser is the core component of the laser marking machine. The quality of the laser has a great influence on the marking quality of the laser marking machine.

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