What Are the Advantages of UV Laser Marking Machine?

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Due to the uniqueness of the UV laser marking machine, it is perfect for marking on plastic materials. Ultraviolet lasers have short wavelengths. At the same time, the UV laser marking machine avoids material damage caused by excessive heat input.

UV Laser Marking Production Date on Glass Bottle

The characteristics of UV laser marking machine are: fast marking speed, no pollution and easy operation. With the continuous development of the industry, UV laser marking machines have been widely used.

What are the advantages of UV laser marking machine?

Although UV laser marking machines are not as popular as fiber laser marking machines in industrial production, with the increasing requirements for product technology, UV laser marking machines have an irreplaceable impact in the plastics and glass products industry. Because the ultraviolet laser belongs to cold light, it will not destroy the characteristics of these materials, and can mark pictures and texts finely and perfectly. No thermal effect occurs, the material will not be scorched. The marking process is non-contact, and the marking effect is long-lasting.

When the UV laser marking machine is used in the production of circuits, the marking speed is fast, and the pattern can be etched on the circuit board in a few minutes. This makes UV laser markers the fastest way to mark on PCB samples.

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