What are the differences between 20w and 30w laser marking machines?

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In fact, it is very simple. Take a metal product and do experiments at 20W and 30W laser marker respectively, and you can tell the difference directly by looking at the effect.

The same marking depth, 30W fiber laser marking machine saves time than 20W. The same marking time, 30W fiber laser marking machine marks deeper than 20W. When the depth is not required and the marking content is clearly visible, 30W laser marker can improve work efficiency.

The high-power laser marking machine controls effect of marking depth are better. For example, the marking depth limit of 20w is 1 mm, then the depth of 30w laser marking machine can reach 1.5 mm.

Generally speaking, the higher the power of the fiber laser marking machine, the higher the price. In terms of energy saving and cost, low power can be used as much as possible on the premise of satisfying efficiency.

Therefore, when we choose a laser marking machine, we can choose a laser marking machine with the appropriate power according to the actual product marking situation. If there is no high requirement for the processing efficiency of the workpiece, a 20w laser marking machine can be selected. Those with higher requirements on the workpiece can choose a 30w laser marker, or even a more efficient machine.

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