What Are the Functions of Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

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Laser marking machines can mark the surface of various materials and have excellent durability and anti-counterfeiting effects. The excellent performance characteristics make laser equipment become a popular processing tool in modern industry, and in many fields to replace the original traditional process, providing more professional laser solutions for various industries.

fiber laser marking machines

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The laser wavelength of fiber laser marking machine is 1064nm, which is suitable for most metal materials and some non-metal materials, cloth, leather, glass, paper, polymer materials, electronics, hardware, jewelry, tobacco, etc.

The power of fiber laser marking machine are: 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W, 100W, 120W, etc..

Using 20w fiber laser marker for general materials will be able to get a fine effect. There are marking depth requirements can try a higher power equipment, such as, with 30w fiber laser marker first for proofing.

If you need to complete the task of deep engraving with high efficiency, such as frame number, engine body code, metal nameplate, carbon steel fuel pipe markings, etc., you can use MOPA fiber laser marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine can achieve the functions

1.Marking Black on Aluminum

Laser marking black on aluminum has always been a hot topic in the marking industry.

marking black on aluminum

Many customers say that the use of laser marking machine for aluminum is fast and efficient, the marking patterns are clear and exquisite. Marking on apple phone shell, keyboard markings, lighting industry,etc.,need the pulse width adjustable MOPA fiber laser marking machine (also known as full pulse width laser marking machine).

Ordinary fiber laser marking machine for aluminum products can only mark gray or black gray text information, while MOPA fiber laser marking machine can directly mark black effect on the surface of magnesium aluminum, aluminum oxide and various aluminum.

The principle of marking black on anodized aluminum is to further oxidize and change the surface material mechanism of anodized aluminum layer with film thickness of 5-20um in a very short period of time by laser with high energy density after focusing. The principle of marking black on aluminum is based on the nano effect, due to the laser treatment so that the size of the oxide particles for the nanometer level, so that the material’s light-absorbing properties increased, thus making visible light irradiation to the material and thus be absorbed, reflecting little visible light, so that the naked eye observed as black.

Currently on the market cell phone logo and adaptable information on shell are marked by MOPA laser marking machine.

2. Stainless steel color marking

color fiber laser marking 2

The basic principle of stainless steel color marking, is to use high energy density of the laser heat source on the stainless steel material to generate colored oxide, or generate a layer of colorless transparent oxide film on the surface to present the effect of color due to the film of light interference effect.

And, controlling the laser energy and parameters can achieve different thickness of the oxide layer presenting different colors, and even to achieve color gradient marking.

The application of laser color marking is a good complement to the appearance of stainless steel products. Stainless steel itself has the advantage of good corrosion resistance and excellent decorative, with color patterns of stainless steel products are more and more widely used.

3. Online flying marking

Online flying laser marking is the most specialized kind of laser application technology.

Fiber laser marking machine and assembly line combination, while feeding while marking, so that we can greatly improve the efficiency of work. It is mainly used for various kinds of products that need to be marked on the outer packaging line, such as wire/cable, pipes, and other molded and extruded products.

Online flying laser marking machine is relative to the static laser marking machine, as the name suggests, it marks code on the surface of products in motion in the production line. This is an embodiment of automation.

Flying fiber laser marking machine can automatically generate batch number and flow number, regardless of the product flow fast or slow, marking light source output is stable, and marking quality will not change. So the efficiency is high, especially power saving, which is also the practicality of flying laser marking machine.

4. Portable fiber laser marking machine

Portable fiber laser marking machine is easy to carry, compact, does not take up space, good flexibility, environmental protection and energy saving, can be handheld for operation, can mark on large mechanical parts in any direction.

For customers with low marking requirements, portable laser marking machine is very suitable to meet the basic marking needs.

5. CCD visual positioning fiber laser marking machine

CCD visual positioning laser marking machine uses the principle of visual positioning, mainly for the batch of irregular marking in the fixture design and manufacturing difficulties resulting in difficult material supply, poor positioning, slow speed problems, can achieve accurate marking as long as the material in the processing range of laser scanner. There is no problem even if each time the position is is different.

CCD visual positioning laser marking machine is suitable for high workload, difficult product positioning, workpiece diversity and complexity, such as capacitors, IC card pieces, small screws, jewelry and other marking.

6. 3D fiber laser marking machine

Traditional 2D fiber laser marking machine adopts post-focusing method, which is only suitable for flat marking within the specified range, and the marking width is also limited.

3D fiber laser marking machine adopts advanced digital three-axis dynamic focusing technology, with three-dimensional surface laser marking function. It breaks the limitations of traditional fiber laser marking machine, has lower requirements for the surface flatness of the processing object, can achieve more accurate laser marking in the curved workpiece.

3D fiber laser marking machine processes without defocusing phenomenon, can also handle freely for complex curved surfaces.

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