What are the possible reasons for the instability of laser marking machine?

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If the laser marking machine is unstable in the marking, it is necessary to solve the problem reasonably according to the situation.

The possible consequences of the instability of laser marking machine are: position deviation, font color is not obvious, different line widths, unclear marking and other results.

Position deviation

The beam mirror is not adjusted properly.

The screws on the slide rail of the workbench are loose and jump when moving.

The timing belt is too loose or too tight.

Font color is not obvious

The focal length has shifted.

Product and lens are not at the right distance.

Parameters have changed.

Power regulation is too low.

Marking speed is too fast.

Lines vary in width

Adjust the beam expander position.

Tighten the lens and galvanometer.

Adjust the marking speed parameter.

Check that the current is stable.

Clean lens contamination dust.

Unclear marking

The galvanometer is not adjusted to the proper position.

The vibrating plate, beam expander, lens, etc. need to be cleaned of dust and contamination.

The power of the marking machine is not adjusted right.

Whether the power supply current is stable and working properly.

The laser needs to be inflated or replaced with a new laser.

The composition of customized laser marking machines will be different according to the needs of customers. There may be some differences when dealing with problems. For some non-corresponding problems, please consult the laser marking machine supplier to solve them. Do not operate by yourself to avoid machine failure caused by errors.

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