What is a vision positioning laser marking machine? What applications are there?

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Most of the fiber laser marking machines on the market have power of 20W/30W/50W. In general laser marking machines, when marking, the processed parts must be in a fixed position, and cannot be shaken during processing, so that the processed pattern can be marked to the designated position of the product. These are our common sense of ordinary laser marking machine processing technology.

What is a visual positioning laser marking machine? The visual positioning laser marking machine uses a CCD camera positioning system to guide the laser for marking, with accurate positioning. The marked products can be placed at will. Multiple products can be placed at one time. Any shape can be automatically recognized by the software, and multiple products can be automatically marked at one time.

The shape of the processed product can be round, square or irregular, all of which can be identified. This process is especially suitable for small products, which can avoid the processing of positioning trays and fixed fixtures, and greatly save the processing cycle of laser marking.

Solve the problems of poor placement and slow efficiency of micro products. Fiber laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, adopts air-cooled cooling, compact size, good output beam quality and maintenance-free. It is convenient for the operator to detect the workpiece in real time, and the large-format worktable can be fixed and adjusted arbitrarily.

Visual positioning laser marking machine is suitable for: electronic product production lines, electro-acoustic devices, chargers, transformers, relays, connectors and other plastic products, auto parts, medical accessories, clothing zippers, small hardware parts, PCB/FPC circuit boards , mold and other industries high-speed positioning and marking.

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