What Is an Assembly Line Laser Marking Machine?

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In general, the assembly line laser marking machine is a laser marker that can be applied to assembly line operations.

Common fiber laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines, etc. can all be made into assembly lines. It is to graft the laser marking/engraving machine to the assembly line moving table to achieve the effect of marking while moving, and realize the systematic assembly line marking/engraving operation of the product. Compared with the traditional laser marking machine, the assembly line laser marking/engraving machine has high degree of automation, no manual alignment is required, which can greatly improve production efficiency. It is the model that many companies should configure for laser marking and engraving.

The subdivision of the assembly line laser marking machine can be divided into the conventional online laser marking machine and the online flying laser marking machine.

The difference between the two models is that when the conveyor belt conveys the product to the laser head recognition area, the transmission stop continuing to convey the next one until the conventional online laser marking machine finish marking the product. That is to identify first, then stop to mark, and then transmit. For the online flying laser marking machine, when the product is recognized and marked by the laser head, the conveyor belt continues to run, marking while moving.

Of course, the online flying laser marking machine system is more complicated, and the cost of the equipment is also higher, but it is faster and more efficient. It is suitable for large manufacturers, such as food processing plants, mask manufacturers and other companies with large volume marking needs.

What are the configurations of the assembly line laser marking/engraving machine?

1. Equipped with a visual recognition system, which can automatically identify the location of the product, intelligently marking, without manual alignment, and has high accuracy.

2. Equipped with the assembly line mobile platform to realize the intelligent transmission of the products.

3. The assembly line system can be equipped with fiber marking machine, uv laser marking machine and other models for assembly, which can meet the marking needs of different customers.

4. The marking speed of the model is fast, but the specific value is related to the power of the model, the range of marking size and the complexity of the pattern, etc. Please contact the laser marking/engraving machine supplier for detailed information.

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