What is an Online Flying Laser Marking Machine?

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More and more traditional processing industries are using laser marking machines for package printing. Some of these manufacturers’ websites or e-commerce platforms have an online flying laser marking machine. What kind of equipment is it?

Online flying laser marking machine is developed by the laser marking machine manufacturer, specifically applied to the production line.

Generally, the ordinary laser marker is a stationary device. When marking, the product is fixed on the marking table, while the online flying laser marking machine requires faster marking speed. From the appearance, the column is longer and the marking head can move in a wider range.

The production date of the daily drinking mineral water bottle is marked by online flying laser marking machine.

co2 laser marking on plastic water bottle

The online flying laser marker does not have a working table. It adopts a more flexible way to mark the product surface in 360 degrees without limitation, and can also be assembled on the production line, which is very flexible and convenient to use.

Since online flying laser marking machine requires higher speed, it requires a bit more for accessories. The laser needs to be more efficient and galvos need to be faster.

The price of online flying laser marking machine will be slightly more expensive than other ordinary laser marking machines. Depending on the specific requirements for marking, you can consult Linxuan Laser for details.

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