What Is the Difference Between Normal Laser Marking and Flying Laser Marking?

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The static laser marking process is to use laser marking equipment to process one or more pieces at a time through the loading of materials by workers, and then unloading and reciprocating cycles after completion.

The dynamic laser marking process is also known as the online flying laser marking. It has one more assembly line than the static laser marking process, such as belt assembly line and roller assembly line. The product automatically flows to the designated marking position through the assembly line. After marking, it will flow to the next process with the assembly line, such as marking the production date on the cap of bottled mineral water.

Static laser marking is semi-automatic processing, and online flying laser marking is fully automatic processing, so the efficiency of the latter is higher than that of the former, and it is much higher. At present, the online flying laser marking process is mainly used in the surface marking and processing industries of food, medicine, cosmetics, wires and other outer packaging.

Of course, not all lasers can be used for dynamic laser marking. Only a laser with fast galvanometer speed, comprehensive control software, good beam quality, and long-term efficient work can complete it well.

These are the differences between static laser marking and dynamic laser marking. In general, dynamic laser marking has higher requirements for lasers.

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