What is the Price of Laser Cleaning Machine?

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It is difficult to have a fixed price for a laser cleaning machine. This is because laser cleaners are usually customized.

Generally speaking, the price of a laser cleaning machine is related to its power. The higher the power of the laser, the more expensive it is.

But the purchase of a laser cleaning machine still depends on your specific needs, such as simple cleaning floating rust, a low-power laser cleaning machine can meet. And high power laser cleaning machine instead may cause damage to the workpiece.

In order to achieve the best cleaning effect on the corresponding substrate to be cleaned, it is usually necessary to adjust the corresponding parameters such as fiber length, field lens focal depth, output power, pulse width and scanning speed according to the characteristics of different substrates.

The 8000W or more composite laser cleaning machine used to remove paint from large-scale equipment such as aerospace, ship and high-speed rail generally needs to be redesigned and manufactured according to the customer’s equipment site, use environment and other conditions. The price is usually determined after on-site measurement.

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