What Machine Can Print the Words on the Mask?

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After the masks are mass-produced on the assembly line, these masks must be marked in batches. Here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Batching requires speed guarantees.
  • The speed is fast to ensure the quality marking effect.
  • Have quality but not consume too many personnel.

When these problems meet the laser marking machine, they can be solved.

UV laser marking machine works stably and can achieve high-speed work efficiency. Today’s laser equipment is equipped with automatic feeding/receiving, automatic reprinting, and a good platform, which can realize a fully automated process from assembly line production to laser coding and printing.

In mass production, UV laser marking machine can be combined with the assembly line for automatic marking. The pollution-free green processing of the mask laser marking machine adds a guarantee to the mask. The non-erasable logo can enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance, reduce counterfeiting and shoddy, and reduce the circulation of counterfeit masks. The logo is clear and free of burrs, and the machine performance is stable, and does not require excessive manual participation.

Because environmental protection and speed are two important requirements for the production of masks, in the large-scale batch production process, step-by-step efficiency cannot be wrong. UV laser marking machine helps the mask production line to process faster and more environmentally friendly, and also combats those fake and shoddy masks.

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