When to Use MOPA Laser Marking Machine?

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The wavelength of the MOPA laser marking machine is 1064nm, which is divided according to the wavelength of the laser, and it also belongs to the fiber laser marking machine. What are the applications of MOPA laser marking machine?

1. Surface peeling of alumina oxide sheet

Today’s electronic products are getting thinner and lighter. Many mobile phones, tablets, and computers use thin and light aluminum oxide as the outer shell of the product. When using other types of laser marking machines to mark thin aluminum plates, it is easy to cause deformation of the material and produce a “convex” on the back.

The use of MOPA laser marking machine marking not only is not easy to deform the material, but also more delicate shading. This is because the MOPA laser uses a small pulse width parameter to make the laser stay in the material shorter, and the energy is high enough to remove the anode layer, so for the process of stripping the anode on the surface of the thin aluminum oxide plate, MOPA Lasers are the best choice.

2. Marking black for anodized aluminum

Use a laser marking machine to mark black trademarks, models, texts, etc. on the surface of anodized aluminum materials. This application has gradually been widely used by electronics manufacturers on the shell of electronic products in the past two years. LOGO trademark, model, etc. For such applications, currently only MOPA lasers can process them.

Since the MOPA laser has a wide range of pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment, the parameters of narrow pulse width and high frequency can be used to mark the black effect on the surface of the material, and different grayscale effects can also be marked by different parameter combinations. And the marking content is smooth and has no bump.

3. Electronic, semiconductor, ITO precision marking

In precision processing such as electronics, semiconductors, and ITO, fine marking applications are often required. Due to its own structure, the Q-switched laser cannot adjust the pulse width parameters, so it is difficult to mark fine lines. Since the MOPA laser can flexibly adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters, it can mark fine lines with smoother edges.

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