Why do the logos marked by laser marking machine have burrs?

in FAQs about Laser Marking,

Laser marking machine is a new type of marking equipment with a high degree of automation. It is widely used in many industries. The effect of laser marking is different from that of screen printing and inkjet coding. It has fine spots, fine lines, and strong durability. However, although the performance of laser equipment is stable, some faults may occasionally occur. These faults are generally due to operating errors or accessories, such as:

The laser marking has burrs

Here are some suggestions for checking:

1. The laser marking machine is interfered by the external electromagnetic field, and the scanning galvanometer vibrates weakly, causing the marked characters to have burrs.

2. If there are burrs outside the filled graphics or text, sometimes the different hatch for the graphics will also cause burrs.

3. There is a problem with the laser parameter settings in the marking software, such as the Laser On/Off TC.

4. Ground the laser marking machine as well as possible to avoid mutual interference between the various components inside the equipment.

The above are the general checking methods and preventive measures for burrs when the laser marking machine marks graphics.

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