Wood Laser Marking Machine for Text on Buddha Bead

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Wood Laser Marking Machine for Text on Buddha Bead

The traditional craft of carving Buddhist statues and scriptures on Buddha beads is hand-carving. Not only is it difficult to carve the sphere, but it is also slow, low in efficiency, and very limited in output. Later, knife engraving equipment was gradually used for carving wood, but the edge of the knife engraving was relatively rough, and later polishing process was required. Then, the laser technology was gradually introduced, and the laser marking machine was used to carry out the three-dimensional engraving of Buddha beads.

The Marking Needs of Buddha Beads

Buddhism has a long history in the world, and Buddha beads are one of the common accessories. After a long period of development, Buddha beads are no longer simple round wooden beads. In order to improve the craftsmanship, Buddhist scriptures or statues are often carved on the beads, giving the original monotonous and simple beads a unique charm. This is a kind of “fashion” of Buddha beads.

The Buddha bead laser engraving machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the bead to vaporize the surface to achieve the effect of engraving. The laser engraving is not only fast, but also has smooth edges, beautiful craftsmanship, and integrated patterns. Just import the graphic pattern into the computer and run it by the computer-controlled equipment, which can quickly achieve the engraving of complex patterns. Laser marking machine with the fixture can realize the three-dimensional engraving of curved, spherical or special-shaped products. With mechanized operation, high repeatability, laser marking machine for wood is suitable for mass production.

Recommended Model:


1. Equipped with a marking width of 100*100mm, suitable for engraving various sizes of Buddha beads.

2. Equipped with a fixture rotation axis, which can be selected at a uniform speed to realize 180-degree marking and engraving of Buddhist beads.

3. The co2 laser marking machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, suitable for marking and engraving of various non-metallic materials, such as: bamboo, plastic, rubber, acrylic, cloth, etc.

4. The Buddha bead laser engraving machine has a long life, low maintenance cost, stable function, and 24 hours operation.

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