Custom Leather Laser Engraving Machine

Linxuan manufactures different types(small, handheld, portable, table, flying, etc.) of reliable laser engraving machine for leather. According to your needs, we provide custom leather laser engraving solutions for you. Choose the best laser engraver for leather!

desktop leather laser engraving machine
leather laser engraving

Features of Laser Engraver for Leather

As the leather process continues to develop and demand increases, traditional marking methods often cannot meet personalized and high-quality marking requirements, and laser marking technology fills the gap. It has the advantages of high precision, non-contact, durability, and flexibility in the leather marking industry.

High precision: The laser beam can achieve excellent markings, and can engrave complex patterns, characters, and logos on the leather surface.

Non-contact: Laser marking is completed by beam irradiation, without direct contact with the leather surface, avoiding damage and deformation.

Durable: Laser engraved marks are permanent on the leather surface and will not wear or fade quickly.

Flexibility: Laser marking can be quickly changed according to design requirements, suitable for personalized customization and small batch production.

Professional Leather Laser Engraving Machine Manufacturer in China

Linxuan laser engraving machines undergo strict quality control to provide precise, clear, and long-lasting marking results.

We adopt advanced manufacturing processes and technology to ensure the stability and reliability of our products. Ensure production efficiency and meet the needs of large quantities of orders.

We offer competitive prices in the market, enabling customers to obtain high-quality laser engraver products at reasonable prices.

Linxuan values customer satisfaction and relationship building, providing a full range of customer support and after-sales services, including technical consultation, training, and repairs.

As a laser marking expert, Linxuan is constantly carrying out technological innovation and research and development. We pay close attention to the laser industry’s development trends and customers’ needs, and we constantly improve and upgrade our products.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions that enable customers to meet changing market demands and maintain a competitive advantage.

Series of Best Laser Engravers for Leather

Mini Small Laser Engraver for Wood, leather

Small Integrated Laser Engraver for Leather

For marking small items in small quantities, choose this small all-in-one for space-saving, and family use.

co2 laser engraving machine for wood, leather

Portable Laser Marking Machine for Leather

Easy to carry, flexible, and suitable for various scenes. Simple and easy to use, no complicated installation and setup steps required.

Desktop Laser Engraver for Wood, leather

Desktop Laser Engraver for Leather

Desktop construction for stability during operation. High-precision marking for detailed and accurate marking of patterns, text, etc.

handheld fiber laser marking machine 01

Hand Held Leather Engraving Machine

Highly flexible for marking different shapes and sizes of leather by hand-holding, for complex or difficult-to-move areas.

3D Laser Engraving Wood/leather Machine

3D Laser Engraving Leather Machine

Accurate marks can be achieved on curved and uneven leather, showing a more three-dimensional and layered effect, adding unique artistic value to leather products.

Custom Wood/leather Laser Engraving Machine

Custom Leather Laser Engraving Machine

Various customized functional accessories include a double station, rotating plate, CCD vision positioning system, dust removal system, etc.

Laser Leather Engraving Application

CO2 laser engraving machine has a wide range of applications on leather materials.

Logos and brand marks: CO2 laser engraving machines can mark text, patterns, and logos on leather products to add unique recognition to products. For example, marking information such as company brand, product model, and production date on leather bags, shoes, and belts.

Personalized customization: Using the high precision and flexibility of the CO2 laser marking machine for leather, personalized customization can be realized on leather products. Add personalization value to the product by engraving the user’s name, unique texture, or pattern on the leather.

Decorative patterns: CO2 laser marking machines for leather can mark various decorative patterns on leather to enhance the visual appeal of products. These can be patterns, artistic illustrations, animal figures, or other creative designs.

Engraving embossing effect: CO2 laser engraving machines can engrave on the leather surface as needed to create embossing and texture effects. This technique is often used to create high-end leather products such as leather goods, handicrafts, and decorations.

Cutting and Engraving Composite Materials: Some composite leather goods, such as car seat coverings or airline cabin trim, may require precise cutting and engraving. CO2 laser engraving machines can achieve efficient processing of these materials, ensuring accuracy and quality.

It should be noted that different types of leather will produce different effects when combined with a CO2 laser engraving machine. Therefore, before using the CO2 laser engraver for leather marking, it is recommended to test and optimize the parameter settings to obtain the best marking effect.

Laser Engraving Leather Ideas

leather laser engraving butterfly
leather laser engraving shapes

How to Operate the Laser Engraving Leather?

  1. Choose a laser engraving machine suitable for leather, generally choose a CO2 laser engraving machine with a power above 30W.
  2. Treat the leather so that its surface is smooth, flat, and free of impurities.
  3. Design the marking file according to the required pattern and text, and import it into the laser marking software.
  4. Adjust the parameters of the laser engraving machine, such as power, speed, frequency, etc., to ensure the marking effect.
  5. Start marking.
  6. Clean and maintain the leather after marking.


  1. Adjustment of parameters: Different leather materials require different laser power and speed, which need to be adjusted according to the actual situation. Generally speaking, the marking power of leather is between 20W-50W, and the speed is between 10mm/s-50mm/s.
  2. Prevent burning: Since leather is an organic material, it is easy to burn, so it is necessary to control the laser power and speed to avoid excessive burning.
  3. Ensure flatness: Leather needs to be placed on a flat workbench when marking to avoid poor marking results due to uneven materials.

Leather Laser Engraving Machine for Sale

Please tell us the details of your needs and we will suggest the best laser engraver for leather.