Industrial Laser Marking Solutions

Laser marking machine is capable of harsh working environment with high tolerance to dust, shock, impact, humidity and temperature. And it has the characteristics of low cost, high performance, simple operation, environmental protection, unique effect, fine and clear, permanent marking, non-contact processing, etc., so it is more and more favored by various industries.

However, many people don’t know much about laser marking machines, so they don’t know what industries the equipment can be used, and if the laser markers will be used in their own industries.

In fact, laser marking machine application is very wide, so to speak, almost all industries, no matter which industry you are in. For example: electronics industry, automotive industry, tools and gauges, instruments and meters, packaging industry, household appliances, advertising signs, daily necessities, glass, mechanical hardware, shoe materials and leather, clothing accessories, light industry products, jewelry, integrated circuits, anti-counterfeiting technology, craft gifts, plastic molds and other industries.

Because there are many types of laser marking machines produced by Linxuan Laser, to know which laser marking equipment are suitable for your products or business, you can come (or send samples) to us to process samples, or send E-mail, call for consultation. Linxuan Laser will select the best and most suitable laser marking machines for each customer.

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automotive parts laser marking


In the production of automobiles, there are laser processes everywhere, such as laser engraving of automobile steering wheel, functional panels, buttons, spark plugs, engines, textures and patterns on interior and exterior parts, etc..

laser marking for Electronics industry


Laser marking machine is widely used in the electronics industry, which can realize the marking of various electronic components such as row resistors, optocouplers, capacitors, varistors, thermistors, ceramic capacitors, triodes, thyristors, voltage regulator blocks, integrated chips, etc..

laser marking for wire and cable industry

Wire and Cable

Once the laser marking machine marks the corresponding date, batch number, brand, serial number, QR code and other information on the wire and cable products, they cannot be changed, which is of great significance for the anti-counterfeiting of wire and cable products.

laser marking for food industry

Food Industry

Now laser marking machine is generally used on food packaging bags to mark the production date, batch number, and production location information, such as common dairy products, bread, bottled beverages and other foods.

Laser Marking for Automotive/Electronics/Food Industry