EzCad2 Correction File: 9-Point Calibration Manual

1. Find the calibration software Open the EzCad2 file directory and double-click “Corfile2” to enter the 9-point calibration software. 2. Set the calibration parameters Click “F1 设置激光器参数” to set the laser type and marking parameters (normally, the marking parameters are default). In general, the fiber laser type is IPG, SPI, and is checked separately. Click… Continue reading EzCad2 Correction File: 9-Point Calibration Manual

How to make a pentagram in Ezcad2?

1. Select the “Polygon” in the Draw menu or click the polygon icon. 2. Hold down Ctrl + left mouse button and drag to draw an equilateral polygon. 3. Select the Edge Num as 5 in the left column and click Apply. 4. Click the polygon icon below to turn it into a pentagram, click Apply.

Marking: Mark-Control Bar

The Mark-Control Bar is located at the bottom of the main interface window, as Figure shows. Light: This item is used to mark the frame of the object without laser output so that users are convenient to orient the workpiece. This function is available in those laser machines which have guide light. Key “F1” is… Continue reading Marking: Mark-Control Bar