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Linxuan Laser focuses on product quality, meeting customer needs, and promoting technological innovation. By continuously improving product quality and expanding application fields, we strive to become a trusted UV laser marking machine supplier and manufacturer, adding value to customers’ production and manufacturing operations.

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Sample of UV Laser Marking for Logo, Button Label on Plastic

Custom UV Laser Marking Machine Supplier

We are customer-oriented and committed to providing customized UV laser marking machine solutions. No matter your application scenario and the materials that need to be marked, we can customize your UV laser marking machine according to your needs, including various specifications, functions, and performance. Choosing a custom UV laser marking machine means choosing a more efficient and accurate marking solution, adding customized value and competitiveness to your production and manufacturing. Contact us and let us work together to build your customized UV laser marking machine to boost your business!

Linxuan Industrial UV Laser Marking Machine for Sale

Our affordable UV laser marking machine is divided into portable series, desktop series, flying series, 3D series, etc. Compared with an infrared laser, 355 UV light focus spot is tiny, can largely reduce the mechanical deformation of the material, and processing heat impact is small.

Samples of Linxuan UV Laser Marker

Mainly used for ultra-fine marking, and engraving, UV laser marker is especially suitable for marking, punching micro-holes of food, pharmaceutical packaging materials, high-speed division of glass materials, and complex graphics cutting of silicon wafers and other applications.

Guide to Buying a UV Laser Marking Machine for Beginners

With its unique cold processing characteristics and high-precision marking capability, UV laser marking machine plays a vital role in many industries such as electronics, medicine, jewelry, and packaging. This guide will comprehensively introduce the working principle, technical characteristics, application fields, purchase, use, and maintenance of UV laser marking machines.

What is UV Laser Marking Machine?

A UV laser marking machine is a type of laser marking system that utilizes an ultraviolet (UV) laser beam to create permanent marks or patterns on various materials. UV lasers emit light at a wavelength shorter than visible light, typically ranging from 200 to 400 nanometers, making them ideal for micro-processing and fine-marking applications.

Working Principle of UV Laser Marker

Here’s how it works:

Laser generation: UV laser light is generated by exciting a mixture of gases (e.g. argon, xenon, etc.) by an electric current. These gases are placed inside the discharge tube of the laser.

Laser enhancement: By adding appropriate gain media (such as Nd: YAG crystal) to the laser, the laser beam can be enhanced and amplified to form a high-energy ultraviolet laser beam.

Laser modulation: UV laser is modulated and focused through lenses, mirrors, and other optical components in the optical system. Through the action of these optical elements, the diameter, power density, and focus point size of the laser beam can be controlled.

Material interaction: The material to be treated on the positioned table is adjusted to the focal point of the laser beam. When UV laser interacts with materials, it will cause local changes on the material’s surface.

Material marking: Depending on the required marking effect, a UV laser can etch, cut, or color the material surface through evaporation, oxidation, or chemical reaction to complete the marking process.

The working principle of UV laser marking machines takes advantage of the high energy and shorter wavelength of UV laser, which can achieve high-precision, clear, and durable marking effects on many materials. It is widely used in electronics, medical, aerospace, and other industries, and is especially suitable for marking and processing tiny parts and material surfaces that require high details.

UV laser marking plastic cap

Advantages and Benefits of UV Laser Marking Machines

Due to the extremely small focused spot and small processing heat-affected zone, thus allowing ultra-fine marking and special materials marking, the UV laser marking machine is the first choice for customers with higher requirements for marking effects. 

High Precision

UV laser enables very fine marking and engraving. It can produce high-resolution patterns and details, making it possible to mark complex patterns on small items such as jewelry.

High Speed

UV laser marking machines work quickly and can quickly complete a large number of projects. Its high-speed marking capabilities make it suitable for efficient production environments and improve production efficiency.


UV laser marking is a non-contact processing technology that avoids damage to items caused by physical contact. This is especially important for delicate items such as jewelry to maintain their original texture and appearance.

Multi-material Applicability

UV laser marking machine is suitable for various materials, such as metal, plastic, ceramics, and glass. It can achieve high-quality marking and engraving effects on different types of materials.


UV laser marking patterns are usually durable. Because UV laser changes the surface of materials through physical or chemical reactions, the marking results are not easy to wear, fade, or be affected by the daily use environment.


UV laser marking machines can put unique serial numbers or QR codes on products to help brand anti-counterfeiting and traceability.

Small Heat-affected Zone

The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is 355nm. This high-energy laser can directly break the chemical bonds of atoms or molecules on the material’s surface, “cold” the material, and avoid deformation, damage, or scorching of the material during processing, resulting in a high rate of finished products.

Applications of UV Laser Marking Equipment


UV laser marking machines can be used for personalized engraving, pattern, and trademark marking on jewelry. It can achieve fine and durable marking effects on jewelry of various materials to meet customers’ customized needs.

Electronic Products

UV laser marking machines are widely used in electronic product manufacturing. It can carry out micro-marking on electronic components, semiconductor chips, mobile phone cases, and other items to achieve product tracking, brand identification, and anti-counterfeiting functions.

Medical Devices

In the medical device industry, UV laser engraving machines can mark surgical instruments, medical equipment, and medical consumables. This helps ensure product traceability, certification, and quality control.

Auto Parts

UV laser markers can permanently mark auto parts, such as engine parts, chassis components, and interior accessories. This helps track product manufacturing and assembly processes, improving quality control and after-sales service.

Packaging Industry

UV laser marking on packaging materials (such as plastic, paper, and glass) can achieve batch coding, date marking, and brand promotion. It can be used in various packaging of food, beverages, medicines, etc.

Glass Technology

UV laser marking machines are also used in glass technology, such as pattern engraving, marking, and decoration on glassware, glass handicrafts, and architectural glass.

Food Printing

Print production date, manufacturer, and other information on the surface of egg shells, fruits, and other foods without contamination. Such as the production date and type identification on the eggshell.

These are just some examples of application scenarios for UV laser marking machines. In fact, UV laser marking technology is widely used in many other industries and fields and can be flexibly used in various applications according to specific needs and material properties.

UV laser marking samples

UV Laser Marking Machine Price

The price range for UV laser marking machine on our website is from US$6,000 to US$9,500.

The UV laser marking machine price varies depending on factors such as manufacturer, model, configuration, and functions. Generally speaking, the price will range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

For exact pricing, it is best to check with the UV laser marking machine supplier or manufacturer to get a quote for your specific needs.

What Materials Are UV Laser Marking Machines Suitable for?

UV laser marking machines can handle many materials, including plastics, glass, ceramics, metal coatings, and more. It is particularly suitable for materials with high requirements for detail and high reactivity.

What is the Marking Effect of UV Laser Marking Machine?

UV laser marking machines typically produce excellent marking results. Due to the short wavelength and high energy of the UV laser, it is possible to achieve high-contrast, high-resolution marking results on a wide range of materials.

It can produce tiny patterns, text, barcodes, etc., with good readability and durability.

How Fast is UV Laser Marking?

The marking speed of UV laser marking machines is generally between 8000mm/s and 10000mm/s.

The faster the speed, the higher the production efficiency will be. However, the marking speed will also be affected by factors such as laser power and material hardness.

The marking speed of UV laser marking machine is a relatively flexible concept, which will change according to specific application scenarios and needs. In actual use, users can increase marking speed by optimizing equipment settings, selecting appropriate processing parameters, and maintaining a good operating environment.

Working Principle of uv laser marker

What Power of UV Laser Marking Machine Do I Need to Choose?

Choosing the power of a UV laser marking machine mainly depends on your specific application scenarios and needs. The power range of UV laser marking machines usually includes 2W, 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, etc. Machines with different powers have their specific application ranges and advantages.

The higher the power, the marking speed will increase accordingly. For general industrial production, 3W to 10W UV laser marking machines can already meet most needs.

Here are some general suggestions:

Generally, 3W and 5W UV laser marking machines are widely used in industry, are moderately priced, and can meet most processing and marking requirements, especially for plastic cosmetics, medicines, food, PCB boards, QR codes, metal surface coatings, plastic buttons, decorations, charger plugs, etc.

However, if you need to perform higher-precision cutting or drilling work, or process some special materials, you may need to choose a higher-power model, such as a 10W, 15W, or 20W UV laser marking machine. These high-powered machines deliver more laser energy to excel when processing hard materials or when higher precision marking is required.

It should be noted that the price of a UV laser marking machine is usually proportional to its power. The higher the power, the higher the price. Therefore, when selecting power, in addition to considering processing needs, you also need to consider budget factors. It is best to consult your UV laser marking machine supplier for the best advice for your application.

Does UV Laser Marking Damage Materials?

UV laser marking usually causes small changes in the surface of the material but does not cause significant thermal damage or deformation to most materials. However, on some specific materials, appropriate parameter adjustments and testing may be required.

Does the UV Laser Marking Machine Require Maintenance?

Yes, UV laser marking machines require regular maintenance to ensure they operate properly. Maintenance may include lens cleaning, optical system alignment, gas line inspection, etc. Please follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Before purchasing and using a UV laser marking machine, it is recommended to learn more about its specifications and features with the supplier or manufacturer.