A Comprehensive Guide to UV Laser Marking Machine

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The rise of laser technology has brought unimaginable changes in various industries. Among them, laser marking machines gradually show their talents in the industrial and precision processing fields. In this digital era, we have an increasing demand for product marking and engraving, and UV laser marking machines have become one of the popular tools chosen by various industries due to their high precision and high speed. In this article, we’ll delve into all aspects of UV laser marking to give you the full picture of this compelling laser marking technology.

What is a UV laser marking machine?

Integrated 5W/10W UV Laser Marking Machine
Integrated UV Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking technology is an advanced processing technology that uses laser beams to mark, engrave, or cut the surface of objects. Compared with traditional mechanical engraving or chemical etching, laser marking technology has the characteristics of non-contact, high precision, and high efficiency. It is widely used in various materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, etc., and can achieve marking and engraving as small as micron level without causing damage to the materials.

UV laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking equipment, which is characterized by using ultraviolet laser as the light source. UV lasers have shorter wavelengths and higher energies, enabling finer processing and higher mark quality. UV laser marking machine has the characteristics of high precision and high speed. It is suitable for fine marking and engraving on the surface of materials. It is widely used in industrial manufacturing and precision processing fields.

The type of laser used by UV laser marking machines is generally solid laser or semiconductor laser. Among them, solid-state lasers have relatively good stability and lifespan and are suitable for long-term continuous operation, but they are more expensive. Semiconductor lasers are more affordable and suitable for short-term mass production.

Working Principle

UV laser marking machines use optical components such as lenses, reflectors and scanning mirrors to accurately focus the laser beam on the workpiece surface. The accuracy of beam focusing and positioning is critical to the final marking result. By adjusting the position and angle of the optical elements, the laser beam can be accurately positioned and focused on the workpiece surface.

Working Principle of uv laser marker

Once the laser beam is focused on the workpiece surface, an interaction occurs between the UV laser and the material. In this process, laser energy is absorbed by the material, causing localized chemical changes on the surface of the material to form marks or scratches.

Different materials respond to UV laser light in different ways. The UV laser marking machine achieves precise processing and marking of different material surfaces by controlling laser parameters and processing conditions.

Why is the UV laser marking a cold process?

The process technology of UV laser marking machine is called “cold processing”.

uv laser marking tpu

Thermal processing

The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece, and the material surface absorbs the laser energy and generates a thermal excitation process in the irradiated area, which causes the temperature of the material surface (or coating) to rise, resulting in phenomena such as metamorphosis, melting, ablation, and evaporation. This marking effect due to high temperature is called thermal processing.

For example: fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, MOPA laser marking machines, and semiconductor laser marking machines belong to thermal processing.

Cold processing

Photons with very high load energy can modify materials or surrounding media, causing non-thermal process damage to the material. Because of the use of low temperature, compared with the thermal ablation temperature is lower, no “thermal damage” is caused, and the cold peeling of chemical bonds is interrupted, so there is no heating or thermal deformation on the surface of the processed material, and it will not cause problems such as burning, black edges, and deformation of the workpiece.

UV laser marking machine belongs to cold processing.

Wavelength, power, and speed of UV laser marker

UV Laser Marking on Plastic 3

The laser wavelength usually used by UV laser markers is 355nm or 266nm. Among them, the 355nm laser is suitable for marking various plastics, metals, ceramics, and other materials, while the 266nm laser is suitable for marking more difficult materials, such as silicon-based materials and biological materials.

The laser power of UV laser marking machines is generally between 3W and 20W. The higher the power, the marking speed will increase accordingly. Generally speaking, for general industrial production, 3W to 10W UV laser marking machines can already meet most needs.

The marking speed of UV laser marking machines is generally between 8000mm/s and 10000mm/s. The faster the speed, the higher the production efficiency will be. However, the marking speed will also be affected by factors such as laser power and material hardness.

Advantages of UV laser marking machines

UV laser marking machines have many advantages that make them popular in industrial manufacturing and precision machining:

High precision

UV laser marking machines can achieve very fine marking and engraving, and can process the workpiece surface at the micron level, ensuring the clarity and accuracy of product identification.

High speed

Compared with traditional marking technology, UV laser marking machines have faster processing speeds and can complete the marking and engraving of a large number of workpieces in a short time, improving production efficiency.

Non-contact processing

The UV laser marking machine uses a laser beam to process the surface of the workpiece without touching the workpiece, so it will not cause surface damage or deformation, maintaining the integrity and quality of the workpiece.

Suitable for a variety of materials

UV laser marking machines can handle various materials, including metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, etc., and have good versatility and adaptability.

UV laser marking samples

Reliable and stable

The laser has stable performance and long life. The UV laser marking machine works stably and reliably and can run continuously for a long time without failure or performance degradation.


UV laser marking machines can achieve a variety of marking effects, including text, patterns, barcodes, etc., with high flexibility and customization capabilities, and are suitable for different application needs.

In general, UV laser marking machines have become one of indispensable tools in modern industrial production and precision processing.

Applications of UV laser marking machines

UV laser marking machines are widely used in various industries, and their advantages and features make them the preferred marking solution for many industries.

Electronic industry

UV laser marking machines are often used for marking electronic components. For example, serial numbers, barcodes, company logos, etc. can be marked on integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, electronic product casings, and other components to track the production and circulation of the product. The UV laser marking machine can achieve mark clarity and production efficiency while avoiding damage to electronic components.

Medical industry

UV laser markers are widely used for marking medical devices and equipment. For example, product names, batch numbers, instructions for use, etc. can be marked on the surface of surgical instruments, medical packaging, and medical equipment to ensure the tracking and identification of medical devices.

The UV laser marking machine has clear markings, is wear-resistant, has anti-counterfeiting functions, and meets the traceability requirements of medical devices.

Automobile industry

UV laser marking machines are commonly used for marking and traceability of automotive parts. For example, part numbers, production dates, quality marks and other information can be engraved on the surfaces of engine parts, body structures, spare parts, etc. to achieve tracking and quality management of automotive parts.

UV laser marking machines can achieve high-speed continuous marking, adjustable marking depth, and long-lasting marking effects that do not fade.

Jewelry industry

For example, brand logos, product styles, texture, and other information can be marked on the surface of diamonds, gold, platinum, and other jewelry materials to prove the quality and authenticity of the jewelry.

UV laser marking machines can achieve fine engravings as small as micron level, ensuring the beauty and quality of jewelry.

The application of UV laser marking machines in various industries reflects its high efficiency, accuracy, and environmental protection, and meets the needs of different industries for marking quality and efficiency. With the continuous development of technology, UV laser marking machines are expected to play a greater role in more fields and provide more professional solutions for industrial upgrading and production.

What are the disadvantages of UV laser marking machines?

Although UV laser marking machines excel in many aspects, they also have some disadvantages:

Higher equipment costs

The price of UV laser marking machines is usually higher than other types of laser marking machines. This may become one of the considerations for some small and medium-sized enterprises to choose other marking technologies.

Material limitations

Although UV lasers can mark a variety of materials, not all materials are suitable for UV laser marking. Some materials may have a low absorption rate of UV light, resulting in unsatisfactory marking results.

It should be noted that these shortcomings are not absolute, and in practical applications, the advantages of UV laser marking machines are often more prominent. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, the performance and scope of application of UV laser marking machines are constantly expanding, and the price and cost are also decreasing.

Marking accuracy of UV laser marker

The marking accuracy of a UV laser marking machine depends on several factors, including the laser’s power, the performance of the beam focusing system, the characteristics of the material, and the settings of the processing parameters.

Generally speaking, UV laser marking machines can make precise markings at the micron level, ensuring the clarity and accuracy of markings. The repeatability of the ultraviolet laser is ±0.1μm, and the spot after focusing can reach 10μm. Compared with the carbon dioxide laser marking machine and the fiber laser marking machine, the marking effect is better, and it can carry out ultra-fine marking and special materials marking.

Marking accuracy is affected by the optical system, beam focusing system, and control system.

Cooling system of UV laser marking machine

water cooling for 3d uv laser marker

The UV laser marking machine will generate a large amount of heat during its working process. If the heat cannot be dissipated in a timely and effective manner, it will cause the equipment temperature to be too high, thus affecting the marking quality and equipment life.

As an important part of the UV laser marking machine, the water cooling system plays an indispensable role in ensuring the stable operation of the equipment and extending the life of the equipment.

The water cooling system of the UV laser marking machine includes water tanks, water pumps, radiators, and other components. The water tank is used to store circulating water, and the water pump is responsible for circulating the water to the radiator. The radiator takes away the heat generated inside the equipment through the flow of water and dissipates the heat to the external environment.

This cooling system takes away the heat generated inside the equipment through circulating water, which has the advantages of good heat dissipation, low noise, and high stability.

In addition, some small or low-power UV laser marking machines may use an air cooling system for cooling. This cooling method mainly uses fans to blow away the heat inside the equipment, and is suitable for equipment that generates less heat. For equipment with a power less than 5W UV laser marking machine, you can choose to use air cooling. Please consult the product supplier for details.

No matter what cooling method is used, the cooling system needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation, thereby ensuring the stability and marking quality of the UV laser marking machine.

What parameters and indicators should you pay attention to when buying a UV laser marking machine?

Laser brand

Understand the type of laser used by your chosen laser marking machine and choose a laser from a well-known brand to ensure stability and performance.

Laser power

Select the appropriate laser power according to application requirements. Lasers with different powers are suitable for different marking depths and speeds.

Work area size

Consider the size of the required work area to ensure that the equipment’s working range meets the requirements of the actual application.

Optical system and accuracy

Pay attention to the quality and performance of the device’s optical system. A high-quality optical system can provide higher marking accuracy and clarity.

Cooling system

Understand the type of cooling system used by the equipment, including air cooling or water cooling, and choose the appropriate cooling method based on the working environment and power requirements.

Control systems and software

Check the UV laser marker’s control system and software to ensure it is easy to use, fully functional, and able to meet the needs of the specific application.

Processing speed

Consider the processing speed of the equipment, especially for applications that require large quantities of marking, and choose equipment that will increase production efficiency.

After-sales service and support

Understand the after-sales service and support provided by the UV laser marker manufacturer, including warranty, training, technical support, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

User reviews and feedback

Read reviews and feedback from other users to get the experience with the device, which can help you gain a more complete understanding of its performance, strengths, and weaknesses.

By carefully considering these parameters and indicators, you can choose a UV laser marking machine that suits your specific needs and budget, ensuring satisfactory results in practical applications.

Does the operation and use of UV laser marking machines require specialized training?

The operation and use of UV laser marking machines usually require a certain degree of specialized training, especially for operators without relevant experience or technical background. Although these devices are usually designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible, it is essential to understand the relevant operating knowledge and safety precautions due to the laser technology and safety issues involved.

Professional training can help operators become familiar with the working principles, operating procedures, safety regulations, and troubleshooting of UV laser marking machines. This ensures that operators set up and operate the equipment correctly, avoid potential hazards, and obtain the best marking results.

Training may include the following:

Safety knowledge: Understand the dangers of laser radiation and how to protect yourself correctly.

Equipment operation: Learn how to start up and shut down the equipment, set appropriate process parameters, adjust the beam focusing system, and perform daily operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Software usage: Be familiar with the software supporting the UV marking machine, and learn how to use the software to import design files, edit graphics, and set process parameters.

Troubleshooting: Learning to identify equipment faults and perform simple troubleshooting is one of the important skills for an operator. This includes checking various parts of the equipment, cleaning the optical system, replacing wearing parts, etc.

Maintenance and care: Understand the daily maintenance requirements of the equipment, such as cleaning optical components, checking the cooling system, etc.

Through professional training, operators can better master the operating skills of UV laser marking machines and improve work efficiency and marking quality. Additionally, training can help reduce equipment breakdowns and repair costs and ensure safety during operations.


As an important tool in the field of modern precision processing, UV laser marking machines have been widely used in many industries due to their advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving. This guide is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of UV laser marking machine users, potential buyers, and those interested in this technology. Here is an in-depth discussion of the working principle, application fields, advantages and features of UV laser marking machines, as well as factors such as purchase, maintenance and use precautions.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continued demand of the market, UV laser marking machines are expected to achieve greater breakthroughs in terms of accuracy, speed, intelligence and automation, and further reduce the price and cost. At the same time, its application in more industries will also be expanded to achieve more efficient and precise production and processing, injecting new vitality into the development of modern manufacturing.

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