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laser marking solution in electronics

The application of laser marking in the electronics industry includes these components: electronic equipment, electronic components, electronic devices, cell phones, keyboards, home appliance panels, optical cables, etc…

Under the premise of precision processing in the electronics industry, traditional printing, stamping, CNC, and other processes can no longer meet the ever-increasing processing needs and cannot effectively control production costs.

Linxuan laser marking machines are suitable for complex and delicate marking and traceability solutions, and effectively improve processing efficiency and reduce costs.

Strong anti-counterfeiting: Once the product’s batch number, serial number, QR code, logo, and other identification information are marked/engraved, it can never be changed, and the mark will not fade due to environmental factors (touch, acidic and alkaline gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.). These better ensure the quality of goods and play an anti-counterfeiting role.

Improve product quality: It can play a certain role in resisting the chaos in the electronics industry, thus improving the quality of electronic products.

Low cost: The electronics industry mainly relies on production to earn benefits, and naturally requires a large amount of equipment. At the same time, the frequency of equipment failure maintenance needs to be the lowest. Laser marking machine upfront investment costs will be a little higher, but it does not have any consumables, no power consumption, maintenance-free, service life of up to 100,000 hours. Laser markers can be equipped with automated systems, saving manpower, consumables, etc. In the long run, the cost of laser marking equipment is much lower than traditional marking methods.

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Laser Marking Electronics Projects

Laser marking for capacitor sleeve

As a common electronic component, capacitors can be used in most electronic products. capacitor sleeves will be marked and engraved with some information patterns, which are used to prevent accidents and facilitate product traceability. Therefore, keeping the text information on the surface of the capacitor sleeves clear is its basic requirement.

In the past, the traditional way of marking for capacitor sleeves was by ink printing, but because of its easy wear and tear, and the handwriting is easy to be tampered with, many capacitor electrical manufacturers have introduced laser marking technology. Laser marking for capacitor sleeves not only has clear handwriting, but also has the advantages of permanence and environmental protection, and can meet the dual requirements of capacitor manufacturers for efficiency and quality.

Flying fiber laser marker

Laser marking for small electronic components circuit
ic chip

Laser marking for IC chip

With the advent of the Internet era, the demand for chips in all walks of life is increasing day by day. As the crystallization of technology, chips are subject to strict quality control from design and development to production and manufacturing. Facing the dual requirements of high quality and high output, the CCD automatic identification laser marking machine can be used to efficiently realize the marking on the surface of the chip in the production.

CCD automatic identification laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking machine. Due to the higher density of chips, the higher the requirements for their production and processing, the smaller the space for manual operations, and the mechanized production process has gradually replaced manual labor. The CCD automatic identification laser marking machine can quickly mark the model, LOGO, pattern, etc. on the chip, which plays the role of product traceability, manufacturer’s publicity, and chip information function display.

Laser marking for chip braid

It is generally applicable to SMD components such as connectors, LEDs, chips, etc. More than 90% of the chips will choose this packaging, saving a lot of time, which is suitable for customers with a large demand for IC chips. In the process of using IC braiding, a coding process must be needed, that is, product model information is marked on the surface of these chips, which is helpful for later product use and traceability.

The vision laser marking machine is a highly automated machine. It is an automatic vision positioning laser marking equipment produced by integrating the principle of laser marking and the vision positioning system. It can cooperate with the production line to realize the high-speed coding of ic chip braid, and then complete the integrated operations of marking, patching, and packaging.

chip braid

Flying Laser Marking for High-speed Industrial Production Line

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