Laser Marking Solutions for Paper

paper laser marking solution

CO2 laser marking machine uses particle beams to mark a permanent text mark on the surface of the paper box. The marking effect is based on the volatilization of surface chemical substances to expose deep chemical substances, and then engrave exquisite text, pattern design, logo, time, etc. Compared with traditional inkjet printer technology, co2 laser marking machine has the advantages of clear laser marking, faster speed, high pass rate, zero pollution, exquisite durability and so on.

The most common packaging box is yellowish paper packaging. For marking this kind of cartons, carbon dioxide laser marking machines are generally chosen, which are reasonably priced and stable in marking.

The other is marking on colored paper box. If the carton is not covered with a film, you can choose a fiber laser marking machine to mark the colored area. Otherwise, a higher level of carbon dioxide marking machine is required.

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