Laser Marking Solutions for Packaging

packaging laser marking solution

Various industries are involved in the packaging of goods. In many cases, the outer packaging of a product directly affects consumers’ desire to buy. The laser marking machine can be used to mark a variety of patterns on the packaging, and it also has a powerful information traceability function, which greatly improves the efficiency of product packaging and makes quality monitoring and market circulation traceability more convenient.

Therefore, in the commodity packaging industry, laser marking solutions have become the choice of more manufacturers.

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Packaging Laser Marking Projects

Laser marking for food packaging bags

Marking on food packaging is one of the common applications of laser marking machines in our daily lives. By printing the date and other information on the outer packaging of food, we can accurately understand the product’s expiration date, origin, ingredients contained in the product, storage conditions, and other information. In the past few years, these processes are usually completed by inkjet printers. However, inkjet printing has many disadvantages, for example, the information is easily tampered with, and it cannot play a good role in marking.

Now most products are marked with laser marking machines. Once the mark is finished, it can no longer be changed and erased, which can play a better role in protecting the quality of the product.

Online flying laser marking machine

laser marking for food packaging
laser marking for medical-box

Laser marking for medicine box

Medicine is an industry that has high requirements for product quality and safety, and laser technology meets these characteristics.

The UV laser marking machine marks for medicine boxes have the characteristics of permanence, corrosion resistance, and environmental protection. Permanence guarantees product safety and prevents information tampering and the generation of counterfeit and shoddy medicines. Corrosion resistance maximizes the longevity of information and improves product traceability. The environmental protection performance ensures the safety of medicines and does not produce toxic substances that affect the efficacy of medicines.

UV laser marking machine

Laser marking for easy tear line

In life, food, daily necessities, medicines, etc., there will be an easy-tear line on the packaging bag. A laser marking machine can complete this process.

A laser marking machine generates heat on the surface of the product by focusing the laser beam, and evenly cutting out fine lines. Various lines, adjustable length, non-contact, and wear-free processing ensure the integrity of the goods in the package and improve the stability and reliability of the goods.

From dotted holes, vent holes, easy tear openings, and heat-sealed labels, to cutting, marking, scribing, punching, etc., laser marking machines can do it well.

CO2 laser marking machine

laser marking for Easy Tear line

Industrial Flying Laser Marking for Production Date

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