Application of Laser Welding Machine in the Biomedical Industry

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Application of Laser welding machine in the biomedical industry

Laser welding of biological tissues began in the 1970s.

The success and demonstrated superiority of laser welding of fallopian tubes and blood vessels have led more researchers to try welding various biological tissues and extend it to other tissues.

Regarding laser welding of nerves, domestic and international research has focused on laser wavelength, dose and its effect on functional recovery as well as the selection of laser solder.

Compared with the traditional suturing method, the laser welding method has a fast anastomosis speed, no foreign body reaction during the healing process, maintains the mechanical properties of the welded part, and the repaired tissue grows according to its original biomechanical properties.

These advantages of laser welding will be more widely used in biomedicine in the future.

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