Application of Laser Marking Machine for Flashlight

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Application of Laser Marking Machine for Flashlight

The flashlight has various styles and is a simple but practical gadget. In the process of processing the shell of the flashlight, the manufacturers of the flashlight need to use the laser marking machine to mark their own logo and parameters on it. In order to make the flashlight look more beautiful, fashionable and attractive, some businesses will choose to mark some beautiful patterns on it to arouse consumers’ desire to buy.

Why use a laser marking machine to mark on a flashlight? Because the product logo and pattern marked by the traditional ink jet coding method are easy to fade and fall off. They will gradually disappear after repeated friction, without good visual effects and brand promoting. This processing method is naturally replaced by laser marking machines.

Laser marking machine uses the high energy density of the laser beam to act on the flashlight to vaporize or chemically react on the surface to form traces to achieve the purpose of processing. It has the characteristics of non-contact, high engraving accuracy, etc. The marked pattern information makes the flashlight look delicate, beautiful, layered, and high-end.

The shell materials of the flashlight are generally plastic, metal, and metal with an electroplating layer. Laser marking machines can handle these materials with ease.

Laser marking machine is suitable for a wide range of marking materials, including wood, cloth, acrylic, paper, plastic, leather, PVC, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, aluminum oxide, stainless steel, galvanized, zinc alloy, rubber and other materials. Of course, laser marking machines are also simply divided into fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, etc. Different lasers are suitable for different materials.

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