Why does the fiber laser marking machine continuously emit light?

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Many customers often ask us why their fiber laser marking machines sometimes appear continuous light. In fact, this is caused by the operator’s often wrong order of switching on and off the machine. When operating the laser marking machine, we must follow the correct order. Otherwise, blindly switching will cause the equipment to continuously emit light, and there will be problems such as system loss.

The correct boot sequence of the laser marking machine is: main power => computer => marking software => chiller => Q driver => laser power => after the READY light on the laser power supply is on => press the RUN key to start => Galvo power switch. The shutdown sequence is reversed.

If there is continuous lighting, you can solve it by the following methods!

1. The ON, OFF, and RUN gear switches on the old Q driver are wrongly set. ON is the command to force light-emitting, and OFF is the command to force the laser to turn off. The correct method is to select RUN to run.

2. The board is damaged, replace it.

3. The Q switch is not adjusted properly. The normal situation is that it emits light when marking. When not marking, the Q switch should lock the laser.

4. Marking software problem, reset.

5. Computer or operating system problems. Swap or reinstall the system.

6. The Q driver is bad, replace it.

7. If the Q switch is broken, replace it (this situation is rare, generally speaking, if the Q switch is broken, the Q driver will alarm).

If the above methods cannot solve the problem, please contact the laser marking machine manufacturer.

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