Application of Laser Welding Machine in Automobile Manufacturing Industry

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Application of laser welding machine in automobile manufacturing industry

Laser welding machine is non-contact processing, which has no pollution to the product. It is fast, and is more suitable for the production process requirements of high-end automotive consumer products.

Due to the large volume and high degree of automation of the automobile industry, laser welding equipment will develop in the direction of high power and multi-channel.

Automobiles made of laser-welded aluminum alloy not only greatly reduce the weight of the body, but also reduce the process of manufacturing automobiles and improve production efficiency, which is welcomed by the majority of automobile manufacturers.

In addition, low and medium power pulse laser welding is also widely used in automotive parts, such as cylinder head gaskets, oil nozzles, and spark plugs.

Power batteries account for 30%-40% of the cost of new energy vehicles, and are the largest part of the cost of new energy vehicles.

In the production process of power batteries, from cell manufacturing to PACK assembly, laser welding is a very important manufacturing process. In particular, the power battery structure contains a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, etc. These metals can be made into electrodes, wires or shells.

Therefore, whether it is welding between one material or multiple materials, laser welding can perfectly utilize the excellent directionality and high power density of the laser beam to work. The laser welding machine will play its role in the automobile manufacturing industry to the extreme!

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