How to make text bold in EZCAD2?

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Many users feel the fonts are relatively thin in the laser marking machine software EZCAD2. Is there any way to make the fonts bolder?

First, EZCAD2 uses the font library of the computer system by default. If you want to add, you can go to Google to search and download. For example: “How to add fonts to EZCAD2?

Here’s how to make fonts bold:

1. The text content uses the font Arial.

2. Enter three lines of content for comparison, as shown:

ezcads arial font

3. Select the second line of text, click the Array on the left, a new window will appear, and set the parameters as shown below.

ezcad2 font Array

4. Another method can also be appropriately bold:

Select the third line of text that needs to be bolded, click the F icon on the left, check Bold and click OK when a new window appears, as shown below.

check bold

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