Application of UV Laser Marking Machine on Glass Surface for Frosting Process

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Laser frosted glass process

After the glass product is formed, due to some privacy considerations or decorative requirements, the surface of the glass needs to be hazy and frosted, so that the light will diffuse uniformly after passing through the glass and reduce the light transmittance of the glass. Traditional frosting treatment processes include: high-pressure spray gun spraying process, hydrofluoric acid chemical corrosion process, etc. Here is a new glass frosting treatment equipment – laser marking machine.

Laser frosted glass process is using a UV laser marking machine. The smooth glass surface is irradiated with a high-energy laser beam to vaporize to form a texturing effect, thereby improving surface roughness and reducing light transmittance effect. The frosted glass processed by the ultraviolet laser marking machine has a shallow depth of processing area, low glass strength attenuation, and beautiful effect. It is a high-quality choice in the glass frosting process.

Comparison of laser frosting and traditional frosting

Laser frosting High-pressure spray gun frosting Hydrofluoric acid chemical corrosion frosting
StepsThe operation is simple, the software performs related settings, and the machine automatically completesFilled with emery and sprayed by high-pressure spray gun, the process is relatively simpleHydrofluoric acid is applied to the glass surface, suitable for frosting the whole surface, and the steps of partial frosting are cumbersome
CostThe cost is low – the equipment purchase cost in the early stage, and there is basically no cost in the later stageHigh cost, high purchase cost of emeryAverage cost
SafetyHighThere are security risksHigh risk, easy to damage the body
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UV marking machine advantages

1. UV marking machine is equipped with UV laser, with fine light spot and small thermal impression area, which can achieve “cold” processing. It is especially suitable for glass and other products that are more sensitive to temperature.

2. UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to various metal and non-metal materials, such as: plastic, wafer, glass, PCB board, etc.

3. The machine technology is diverse, integrating marking, cutting, and hollowing processes into one, which can solve a variety of functions.

4. UV laser marking machine is easy to operate, flexible and has a long service life.

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