How to adjust the fonts not clear printed by the laser marking machine?

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When using the laser marking machine, the marked fonts are not clear enough, how to adjust it? What’s causing it?

1. Insufficient power

During the use of the laser marking machine, if the power does not meet the pre-set standard, the marked font may not be clear enough.

The power setting of the marking machine can be adjusted to 100, and the speed can be adjusted to 300. If the problem is still not solved, it means that the power of the laser marking machine is not ideal for the use of workpiece. Replace the laser for a better one.

2. Too fast marking speed

The faster the speed of laser marking machine, the less clear the marking effect will be. If it is a high-power laser marking machine, this can be ignored.

You can set the speed of the laser marking machine to 300~600, and then adjust it with the power.

3. The material of the workpiece

Fiber laser marking machine is mainly for metal and some non-metal materials. We need to adjust the power and speed of our laser marking machine according to different materials, so that we can make the desired effect on different workpieces.

4. No hatch of fonts

After selecting the font, use the Hatch tool with H icon for it.

The above is the basic situation and solution of the unclear marking. In the process of use, more tests and adjustments are required to achieve a better marking effect. The settings of the laser marking machine and the application of some tools are very critical.

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