How to set the character spacing in Ezcad?

in FAQs about Laser Marking,

Some people use the laser marking machine software Ezcad to find that the marked interval is too small. How to adjust it?

Method 1

Manually put a space between the text drawn in Ezcad, and after editing according to the spacing needs, click Apply to take effect.

Method 2

Click the “F” icon to enter the font setting window. Adjust the Char space value.

char space

Other adjustments to font weight, position, arrangement

In the font setting window in method 2, you can set the font thickness, italics, center, left, and right, and the arrangement direction to vertical, horizontal, and so on. And you can also set the character width, angle, arc text.

The setting of character spacing is a very important function. As long as we use it well, we can mark the style we need. The functions in the laser marking machine software ezcad2 are very rich, which can basically meet all the marking needs.

In addition, we can also make vector graphics, adjust the desired effect, and import it into ezcad.

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